Friday, 24 January 2020

Its the second year just starting

What! where did that first year go.

We moved into our cottage in Wales in November 2018 and now its January 2020 and I am amazed how fast that time has gone. I have enjoyed every minute of living in our new cottage and that might explain the time warp that has occurred.

My amateur radio hobby has once again gone into full swing with a new OCF antenna and replacing my signalink with a Yaesu scu17 which means that I am now back on the digital bands and loving the hobby once again. Add to that I made my first two CW calls in early January the result of me learning CW over the last two years or so. I had learnt it six months sooner but lacked the confidence to get on the air (crazy or what)

Its been great having the radio to fall back on with these cold wet winter days and knowing that we have more poor weather coming in including snow which hasn't showed itself yet, but it will.

As soon as the weather improves I will set about getting my vertical antenna a GP2500 up, this antenna performed brilliantly at my old QTH and I'm hoping for better results at this new QTH.