Friday, 12 October 2018

Its 2017 and its been Amateur Radio FUN!

What a great first half of 2017 its been really busy in my world of amateur radio and I have been having a great time. Read on and I will tell you more.

It started getting good when in 2016 I applied to our local council for planning permission to install a vertical antenna on to the rear of our property. And guess what! they only went and approved it to the amazement of me and all of my friends and radio buddies. So I was on the hunt for a vertical antenna that would not break the bank but would get my signal out.

Now after reading a lot about how poor vertical antennas are I came across a review for a Moonraker GP2500 a solid and inexpensive performer. I like the sound of this but what got me more interested was the reviewers comments about the antenna not causing any problems for the immediate neighbours despite having a postage stamp garden.

This had to be worth a go and fitted the conditions of my planning consent perfectly.

So here it is, up with a lot of help from my wife who was a fantastic help with anything above floor level!

So is it any good! If I judge it against all of the temporary antennas I have used from my qth over the last 10 years yes its really good if I was to compare it against a 60ft tower bla bla bla then its not going to win. Am I pleased with it, yes for the first time I can actually go into my shack and switch on

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