Sunday, 9 August 2015

How fast has this year gone!

Its true its been a crazy fast year and as far as I am concerned for all the right reasons.

Following on from my last 2 years or so recovering from a double bleed on the brain its amazing how things can turn around and become more positive as each day,week and month go by.

In May of this year I went back into hospital for a scan to see how the Gamma Knife Surgery has done on the AVM that was the cause of both bleeds.The news was good, the blood vessels that were the problem have reduced significantly but not yet gone. The consultants would like the Gamma Knife to work for another year with further scans in May 2016

As you can read in my previous blog posts the bleeds left me in a pretty tough place. I was unable to walk and my left arm was alien to me. Its amazing how heavy a arm can feel when its attached to your body but your mind does not recognize that it actually belongs to you and the only way to move it was to pick it up with my right hand/arm and move it that way.

At 48 years old you really do not want to have to learn how to walk again but with a brain trauma as large as the one I experienced I had the whole left  side of my body knocked out, I left hospital after nearly 4 months in a wheelchair so I had no option but to learn to walk again, how hard was that! but how good does it feel to have achieved the level of recovery that you can see in the short video below.

It is amazing to me that I am walking as well as I am and as you can see in the video that after 2 years of hard work I am almost back to normal I have a little more to do but what a good feeling to see this great video clip. It is amazingly awesome to watch and I must have watched it a hundred times. I am still stunned by how my recovery has gone and the words of my consultant in Sheffield, who said  "I would expect a significant recovery" well I can now say with all honesty I think that recovery has happened.

I cant be complacent and I cant stop the physical workouts that I do every day but what I can say for certain is that with hard work and support from my wonderful wife and family I now have a real chance to get past this "wobble" as we now call the whole episode and move on to a normal life again.

Its been a challenge and I have more work to do but "Life is Good"

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