Monday, 5 January 2015

Mevagissey Christmas Time

It was the first year that we did not have our two daughters home for Christmas and as it was going to be just the two of us here so we decided to see about renting a cottage over the Christmas period. We had rented a cottage the year before but that was for the four of us and our daughters partners, the cottage then was in Brecon one of my favourite places and a place were we all had a great fun time and also the subject of an earlier blog.

So choosing a new location to spend Christmas in would for a lot of couples be a difficult task but not us!
     Mevagissey is my wifes favourite place ahead of our other favourites like Brecon,Combe Martin and Illfracombe and as its a location that I also love Mevagissey was a very easy choice this year.

We choose a fishing cottage just above the harbour and this turned out to be a great choice even though the access to it was up a fairly steep path and the cottage itself was on 3 floors. We managed it all very well and by the end of the trip it was all really easy going.
The cottage booking was simple and the cottage was very clean and well equipped, we were very pleased with the cottage and the company we booked it with.

 One of the great things about the location is that just at the end of the path to the cottage was a great little pub the Fountain Inn that had great beer and food and was a very friendly place made better by the wonderful coal fire that was in the bar area. It was just a perfect little pub and a place we spent many a warm cosy few hours playing Uno and drinking lots of great beer. I will add at this time that Julie my wife plays a mean game of Uno and after countless games over the week I was well and truly beaten.

One of the great things with a location like Mevagissey is that you can really relax with very few distractions. The location has very poor phone signal but enough to make a phone call which was great and little or no wireless access. Having no wireless access was something that I really thought would be a pain but it was actually nice not to think about the website, blog or Twitter for a few days and on our trips to nearby St Austell  and Truro we managed to find enough signal to do what we needed.

The majority of the stay was spent walking around the harbour which is a wonderful place to just sit and watch the boats come and go. It is a wonderful picturesque location with plenty to see and a lot of relaxing to do. We spent time taking photographs and watching yes we did a lot of sitting and watching! often in the Wheelhouse cafe having coffee and taking shelter from the sharp icy winter wind that occasionally tagged us on our walks. Visiting friends and being visited was a great part of the Christmas fun and of course enjoying the local shops and cafes and not forgetting the wonderful meal we had on Christmas Eve at the Salamander restaurant which exceeded all expectations with both food and service.

The whole trip was a great success and even being woken by the local resident seagull who we named "Gissey" seemed to fit in very nicely with this trip allthough it was  pretty loud and probably the one thing I will not miss. Back home here in Portishead we are often subjected to the same screaming gull noise from early spring to summer so I guess it was like a home from home really.