Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Amateur Radio its that time of year.

                              Christmas Radio time

This year I have not had a lot of radio time!, its my favourite hobby and I tend to do something Amateur radio every day but sometimes time just gets away from you and there's nothing you can do about it.

I am still trying to learn Morse Code trying being the key word here as it just not going as well as I had hoped but not being one to give up I will keep on trying.

Christmas this year has been good for me as I received two new radios as gifts one was the great Yaesu VX7 handheld a great tri-band radio and the other a neat little dual band Baofeng UV5R a really surprising little dual band radio which has great audio and is very good despite its very cheap price.

Both of these radios have kept me quite busy with programming and even though I am now using software for both of them they have had me scratching my head quite a few times.

The build quality on the UV5R while not as good as the Yaesu is still very good for a budget priced radio and I really have no complaints in fact  the whole Baofeng package is very good.

I am really looking forward to some great contacts with these two great radios in the near future.

2013 what a year!

                      Pleased to see the back of that one! or am I?

2013 got off to a dreadfull start with me suffering a double brain hemorrhage once in early January and again in early February. The stress and worry that we suffered as a family was pretty intense for quite a while and the healing process is still ongoing.
We have been through a lot but we are making good progress to putting this behind us. I am over the treatments and I am waiting for the all clear in May 2015 ,I am still working hard to recover from the weakness that I suffered in my left side and even though its slow going I really feel that I am making progress.
We have pulled together as a family and we have had some great support from all of our friends ,I really feel that things are getting back to something like normal and I am once again enjoying my hobbies of amateur radio and keeping Tarantula spiders.

December 2013 was a great time for us as a family and we all gathered at a cottage in Brecon for a family Christmas ,we spent all of Christmas week in the cottage and had a really good time, lots of food ,drink and fun including nerf wars which broke out on most days. This was probably down to me as I provided 6 of us with a nerf gun and ammo as a small christmas gift.

As you can imagine it really didn't take a lot for the fragile Nerf truces to be broken and all out Nerf war began, again!

 I was of course pretty sure that this was going to happen and as the supplier of the weapons it was only fair that I somehow gave myself an advantage. My wife who also realised that I may be at a disadvantage to the other younger members of the family upgraded my Nerf gun to one of these,
  This of course evened things up a little and it wasn't long before the wirrrrr of the motor sent everyone running for cover.

Great fun and lots of laughing which all added up to a great Christmas week in Brecon.