Thursday, 21 November 2013

Yaesu VX7r Tri-Band Hand held Radio

I first had a Yaesu VX7 back in 2007 when I first had my Amateur radio licence and as I had good repeaters within range of my qth it was a good first choice portable radio.

I had many many contacts with this radio over the next few years and in 2009 I gained my next licence and decided to sell my Yaesu VX7 in order to help fund a HF rig a Yaesu 450D
 In 2011 I gained my advanced licence and concentrated on HF.

As a lot of amateur radio users will agree we often buy and sell radio equipment to help us with our next bit of kit that we are after but sometimes with hindsight we regret selling something, in my case it was my Yaesu VX7.
Now it was not a instant regret in fact it was this year 2013 that I really thought about it and it was only when my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas that I came back to a Yaesu VX7. I have just ordered a new Yaesu VX7 from @WSPLC Waters and Stanton I have purchased most of my radio gear from here and I have always been happy with the service so I am really looking forward to this radio arriving.

If it has taught me anything it is that I need to give more thought to the radio gear that I plan on selling in the future, I think that this radio will be the final piece in my equipment jigsaw and I now have most bands and modes that I operate on covered.
I must remember that hindsight is a wonderful thing!