Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Its time to move on!

So 2013 started off as a bad year but it is really time to put that all behind me and move on.I am improving all the time. My recent appointment with the consultant at Frenchay hospital was another real positive as I am no longer on any medication and all concerned are happy that my physical mobility will improve given time  I still have daily self motivated physio which is helping with my walking and balance.No one in the medical world  wants to see me for another year and the tests to see how my AVM laser treatment has worked are not due until May 2015. The sun is shining  most days and its time to put this behind me and move on and get back to the things I really enjoy like hiking on Dartmoor and traveling with my wonderful wife.

For the first time I understand that patience, with a injury like an AVM is an absolute must, frustration must be kept in check as it does no good to be frustrated or impatient and a positive attitude can help to improve things a lot.
I never thought it would be possible but I am back in the gym although I cannot push too hard just being able to gym again is a real boost to my moral and clearly shows me that its all going the right way.