Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Its a spider time in the house

Yes its really an exciting time here with the tarantulas that we have. Sadly we did have 5 Ts but now we have 4, our B.albopilosum sling (curly) just suddenly stopped, no death curl or nothing just stopped. I have however managed to secure another 2 slings and they will be with me soon.

My P.irminia sun tiger sling has at last shown its pretty little self and is looking cool after its molt, the T is about 1cm now.
 This pic is what she will be like when she is grown up assuming its a female,it will have less  colour and more grey if its a male.Actual picture coming soon.

This T is one defensive beastie and even as a sling it is fast and moves in less than a blink of the eye.


Our Avicularia Avicularia has just molted today (Wed) and is looking all black and shiny in her den, this one has lived on the ground in a cave since we had her. Maybe after this molt she will move up her tank.

This one in the pic is similar but the one I have is much blacker, its a pretty cool spider.

This is the most secretive spider we have along with the sun tiger so its a rear treat to see them both out and about.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Amateur Radio good times.

Using my special callsins of MQ0GYY and also MO0GYY I have made over 200 calls  for these special events using PSK31 and SSB.

Here are the 2 QSL cards that I will be sending to celebrate the recent great events that we have had here in the UK
This is the very first time that I have applied for a NOV on my callsign and it has been a really enjoyable experience.

It has been really surprising how many people really want that special call. In fairness I also really like getting special event contacts and find it a very interesting part of the hobby when I get QSL cards in the post.

What I find exciting about amateur radio is the difference in operating conditions but more importantly the ability for operators to "get out there" often using whatever there conditions allow.

In my case I am either on QRP low power operating portable from my caravan on Dartmoor or Exmoor or I operate in difficult conditions with a Buddipole vertical in my small garden.

The one advantage of the Buddipole is that I can take it down after use and then I have no planning issues.

It is surprising how good the Busddipole is when you get used to using it and its even better now that I have learned to set it up so my Yaesu 450D tunes it with the internal tuner.

In my opinion it is now really worth becoming a member of the RSGB even if its only for sending and receiving QSL cards.

On a few occasions when I have contacted a new country I have only been able to send QSL cards direct, the cost of sending cards through Royal Mail is getting really expensive and really does justify a RSGB membership.

I still have until September 9th to use my Olympic callsign so I had better get back to it.