The 1st one of many

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Spiders are making themselves at home.

So I only ever planned to get one tarantula, yes one, just to have a unusual pet that would be fairly easy to keep.
Ok so as of today we have 4 well almost 4. My wife has taken to tarantulas with the same enthusiasm as me. We have the B.smithi and a G.rosea we have a recently acquired a Avic Avic which has just molted one day after we bought her.
As to the almost 4, well we recently went to the British Tarantula Society show in the Midlands and as well as getting the Avic Avic the one we went for we also got a spiderling B.albopilosum (curly hair ) which is about 1cm.
These spiders are taking us on an amazing journey of awe and wonder. They conform to nothing and do nothing as routine. They do things that cannot be explained like the eating dance and the single minded purpose of eating its prey is truly great to watch.
I (we) find ourselves enjoying the hobby of keeping tarantulas more than we ever thought we would.
I have to add that unlike a lot of other tarantula keepers we keep all of our spiders in open clear terrariums which are on display. No plastic food tubs for us by choice.
The 3 larger spiders are in Exo Terra 35x35x35 and 35x35x45 for the Avic Avic. The sling is in a small clear tub but it would get lost in anything else.
Most of our information has come from the internet but a lot has come from a great book called the Tarantulas Keepers Guide and informative book and a must have for a new keeper.

Thats it for now for us, no new spiders at least until we move into our new house and who knows when that will be!