Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ok its here, my Mexican Red Knee tarantula is here in fact its in the very tank that is show here.

The spider arrived on the 12th Jan 2012 and was delivered by post haha yes post how cool is that Mr Postman!

I never saw the spider for the first 10 days it just stayed hidden in its cave, it never ate but I think it came out at night to drink (a little).

Two weeks later my B.Smithi is nicely settled in it has taken and eaten 3 crickets and will not need feeding for another week. When the spider pounced on the cricket , and I don't use that word lightly, it was fast really really fast. Wow this type is supposed to be slow, really?

So every evening the tarantula comes out and sits in the enterance to her cave, its well cool. Its a juvenile spider about 6cm at the moment and over the next few years she will grow into a big bad spider, I hope.

Picture of the scary thing  coming soon.

Monday, 2 January 2012

QSO map and radio info.

Check out my Amateur radio map below to see all of my latest ham radio contacts. Most contacts are QRP/portable but a few are PSK 31 when I get the shack up and running.

My Yaesu 817 with a homemade vertical antenna and connected to a Elecraft T1 tuner makes a pretty good portable set up. In fact I often get great comments from the quality of signal being sent.

Its a great feeling when you break through on a contact with a operator using up to 1kw and you have a 5/8 5/9 copy with them using 5 watts.

For more info on my radio hobby check out my page on and search out my call sign M0GYY (mike zero golf yankee yankee)

The link below will take you to a map showing my latest contacts around the world, it makes for a great visual of how my signal transmits remembering that I am only using 5 watts of power. A single normal house light bulb uses 60 watts of power?   QSO map 

If you are interested in becoming a licenced Amateur radio user check your local area for clubs and groups they are a great starting point to get your licence. If you want to know more contact me and I will point you in the right direction to get you started on this great hobby.