Wednesday, 26 January 2011

New Year , lets kick start the new me.

Ok how do you know when you have reached the final goal ? Is it when you reach your target weight or if your friends tell you you look good. No, its when you mentally tell yourself you are happy now with how you look and how you feel.
Its all about you, no one else its not about your friends your kids or your partners although they do come into it a little. You have to think, feel and put everything into you. Easy yes, mmm not so sure.

It takes time for you to teach yourself about you, about how you feel and where you want to be. I have lost over 30lbs but I don't feel that I have arrived, not yet !.

So how do I get to this feeling, ok I am not sure I have never been there but I know its not where I am now, so lets keep going.