Sunday, 4 December 2011

My new pet, coming soon.
This is a photo of a Mexican Red Kneed Tarantula which will soon be my new pet.
I have been thinking about a spider for many years and now that the children have grown up (a little) its time to get the new family member.

The funny thing about this is that many years ago I was absolutely terrified of spiders, and I don't use the word terrified lightly.
I managed over the years, (and I'm 46yrs now) to overcome my fear of spiders. I began to understand that I was a 17st bloke and a 2cm spider really could not really be a threat especially as UK spiders didn't even say boo!.

So why the change of heart? I really like the thought of a spider that should give me many years of pleasure, the mystique of a pet that is challenging but at the same fascinating.

I have to say that I am not the most excitable person but he thought of my new spider arriving in the near future really gets me going.

This is the new housing for my new spider, I have not yet bought the housing or the spider and I am not expecting the new arrival until after April 2012 due to work and family commitments.

I am currently in contact with to arrange this complete housing set up for my spider.

As mentioned this is not a sudden decision as I am aware that this spider could be with me for up to 20yrs so its not something that should be taken lightly.

I have plans to keep my blog updated regular with the progress of my new pet and also a webcam feed is in the pipeline. Lets see what happens, exciting times.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Radio Days Are Back: Ham Radio Licenses At An All-Time High | Fox News

Radio Days Are Back: Ham Radio Licenses At An All-Time High | Fox News

This is great news and hopefully the UK will have a similar rise. With the newer Foundation licence in the UK it is clear that a lot of people young and old are giving radio a go.
Radio equipment is now coming down in price with good quality imports coming in that are giving the big names like Yaesu and Icom a run for their money but at the moment mainly on hand held's.

I think the main players are really going to take a fall if brands like Wouxun and Baofeng take off, I have recently bought a Wouxun dual band and I have to say I am very pleased with it.

If you have ever had an interest in Amateur radio there is not a better time to get yourself enroled on a Foundation course and get started, courses have a very small cost and you can learn a new hobby within a few weeks.
Once you have your licence you can get on the air with a new hand held radio for as little as £50, a lifetime hobby at a small cost I think.

Sunday, 20 November 2011


I have followed Jason on Twitter for a good few months now and became intrigued by his tweets.
This was the first book that I downloaded to my laptop and then transferred it to my Kindle by usb cable, I mention this because the formatting on my Kindle was not great and I am not sure why. I had various numbers and characters which regularly appeared somewhere each chapter.

The book itself was a great read and I have to say that it was one of those "I cant put it down" books and I found myself looking forward to my next free spell on my Kindle to read it.

I was never sure about the craft they used and more importantly how it worked in space I think I kind of got it but it never really fitted in my mind, however the mode of transport turned out interesting but to me not overly important. I figured it was a ship that floated in space and it transported them into lots of trouble, there easy.

Where this books strength lies is in the characters and the diverse personal situations, relationships and flaws that these traders have. I was completely taken in with all of the characters and actually by the end of the book felt that I was a witness to what had occurred. I found myself trying to build the characters in my head and make a real visual image of them.

The story was fitting to the characters and I am not going to go into it at all because this book was such a good surprise to me it would be nice to others to feel the same.

I would recommend this book to you all as a very good read and all that is left for me is to get the follow up.

I like this one

Saturday, 19 November 2011

So my Xmas edition of the RSGB, Radcom, magazine arrived today. I was expecting a bumper edition for Xmas but I was sorely disappointed. It has a festive front cover and to be fair that's about it. This months  magazine has 37 pages of adverts altogether including half pages, it has picture front cover and a advert back cover, it has 1 side of contents almost 1 side of welcome new members, it has a double sided page of the index of all article's in 2011. There are 5 pages of around the region, snippets from local clubs which to be fair has little national appeal add to this the letters pages and private adverts there is not a great deal left for readable content .This magazine has 96 pages

Well what about the content ? I am a M0 licence and I am quite competent in operating and maintaining my station, I am very keen on QRP SSB and operate a lot on PSK31.
I really enjoy contacts with special event stations and I like the challenge on getting a good distant contact on 5w of power, it still thrills me.
 So what articles are in this months magazine, IOTA 1000 a nice article on 2 pages about IOTA contacts quite interesting this one. Antennas impedance measurements and the feedback problems. Next is Homebrew, broadband driver amplifiers and generating CW. Then 5MHZ propagation forecasts utilising the Experiments Database. Then Technical Correspondence dynamic range and blocking. The next article was on QRP the G QRP club, interesting this one.

Now I am going to stop here because the majority of the content is really not fun, yes its very technical and yes I have no doubt that some people will get something out of it but not me. The problem is this type of content has been the same for many years and its just not appealing to most newer amateurs that I know me included.

I continue to be a member of the RSGB and pay my monthly subs, why I am not sure. I like many others have just voted to try and change the way that the RSGB is run, I have the hope that this organisation will now change and that it will be more in tune with the younger and newer members of this great hobby, I can only wait.

As with most people I am having to tighten my belt a watch the pennies and maybe very soon my subscription to the RSGB will be stopped. We all need to feel that we get something for our money and sadly I am not so sure about this one. Time will tell.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Year in New York

Enjoy this lyrical interpretation of New York City, shot and edited by talented videographer Andrew Clancy. Shared by CynCyn on Redux, the best way to lean back and discover online video.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

To much work.

It's only as I get older that I have started thinking about this. It seems to me that work is now a necessary chore.
Yes I need the wages but my free time seems to be more important. Is there a happy balance?
I want to feel that I am getting good value from each week so yes I have to work but I want to feel that I am having plenty of free time to enjoy my interests.
Is it a case that we all work as much as we can every week when in fact most of us could give up one day or one shift a week, just think of the extra time that we could enjoy.
I think that I need to put some thought into this one. Ideas on a postcard please.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

A few pounds here and there.

So I gained a little, so what its not a big problem ? I am having trouble loosing it though. At my best I was 14st 2lbs today 15st and feeling it.
Ok so its back to basics for the next 3 weeks, fish .veg, green tea and a low carb lifestyle with 100% comitment. I got a little sloppy and its added to my ass.
Why not join me in my 3 week quest ?

Monday, 6 June 2011

Motivation time again.

Ok so its been a full year since I started running and working out regular. Am I happy with the years performance? of course I am, I now can run 5k and 10k regularly I work out in the gym at least twice a week but am I there yet. The answer is simply no, I feel that I have a lot more to do, I have gained a little weight but I think that is through working out with kettle bells. So I am back to the motivation bit, my diet is still mainly lo-carb and my general health is great compared to what it was but I know that there is more to do

I suffered a  injury to my tendon that held things up for almost six months but that seems ok now,so my motivation aim is to recharge the game plan and get a kick start for the next chapter of this crazy ride.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

New Year , lets kick start the new me.

Ok how do you know when you have reached the final goal ? Is it when you reach your target weight or if your friends tell you you look good. No, its when you mentally tell yourself you are happy now with how you look and how you feel.
Its all about you, no one else its not about your friends your kids or your partners although they do come into it a little. You have to think, feel and put everything into you. Easy yes, mmm not so sure.

It takes time for you to teach yourself about you, about how you feel and where you want to be. I have lost over 30lbs but I don't feel that I have arrived, not yet !.

So how do I get to this feeling, ok I am not sure I have never been there but I know its not where I am now, so lets keep going.