Saturday, 29 May 2010

I use Fridgegraph and its great

Fridgegraph is a website that allows you to record and monitor your weight loss. One of the great features is that it clearly shows you a graph of how you are doing.

Having a display of your weight loss is so good for your mental attitude, that the mental boost it gives you to see your weight reducing is immense.

One of the toughest things about weight loss is being able to see how you are doing and being able to adjust your eating lifestyle to match your progress with the graph.

One question that we debated was whether to weigh everyday or once a week.
I don't really have a answer for that although I have a solid preference for weighing daily (morning).
My reasons for this is to make sure that I do not gain to much over a few days period. Each day is not always a weight loss day. Some days you can gain a little, but if you weigh daily you can adjust quickly if you see a steady gain.
To see yourself losing ounces or sometimes a pound or so over a few days weighing is a huge boost and it really encourages you to try harder.

So my suggestion is to weigh daily and keep the motivation going.

Weight loss since start: 22.2 lbs lost
Latest goal progress: 2 lbs below
Time to Goal End: 3 days
Target weight change: 8.3 lbs/month
Body Mass Index (BMI): 30.8
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): 1941 kcal/day

These details show your progress with stats. The really important one for me is the Body Mass Index (BMI), my BMI was 39.5 when I started and even though it is still high it is going the right way.
I need to add 4lbs to the weight loss since start stat as I lost this before I found Fridgegraph. My total weight loss so far is 26.2 lbs.

The thing to remember is that I am only 12 weeks into this lifestyle and my progress has been huge. It is getting better all the time because now I have an understanding of how this lifestyle works.

This data shows you the short cuts to get things updated on your graph. Also if you have friends following this low-carb lifestyle and using Fridgegraph you can add them and keep yourselves updated with each others progress.

Fridgegraph is a great free website, you can become a premium member if you wish but I have found the free version to be more than helpful.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Low-carb cook books.

I love cook books they are a great inspiration and make me want to succeed. They offer me the means to cook all the great food that will help me keep this healthy lifestyle going and keep this weight loss going down.

Here are some great books that will keep you on the right track and will without doubt inspire and impress you with the great food that they contain.

My first book is Mastering the Art of French cooking by Julia Child,Louisette Bertholle and Simone Beck.
This book is truly inspirational and if you ever get the chance please watch the film Julie and Julia which is based on the book.
This is a film that left a huge impression on me and has motivated me to cook.
As Ian Lumsdens great website says " Fat people can't cook" well because of that website and this book and film I can now cook, not great but its a start.

The low-carb gourmet by Karen Barnaby

The low-carb cookbook by Fran Mccullough

Another great little book for your shopping trip is Carb Counter by Collins Gem, this little pocket book is a handy way to check out your low-carb shopping.

Plenty of choice and all highly recommended, tried and tested.

So what is going right.

Everything ? yes it is all now going the right way. I am working hard at keeping this lifestyle going and it is getting easier all the time. It was fairly difficult in the beginning just because old habits die hard. I can only compare it to when I gave up smoking 12 years ago I kept reaching for the cigarette even though I knew that I should not have it. It was the same when shopping for food it was easy to look at sauces or pastas, packaged and processed foods because it seemed the easier option.

You have to choose your foods very slowly. I don't mean in slow motion or freeze frame I mean think carefully about what you are looking at and take your time selecting it. Choose your fresh vegetables with care and interest. I had never eaten avocado in my life or courgettes or aubergines now I love them. I enjoy choosing the items I want to buy, where I can I choose organic the taste is so much better and is always worth the extra. I try not to use supermarkets for my vegetables, small independent shops/stalls are much better. I try not to buy pre-bagged items I like to touch and feel what I am buying. Always try and incorporate specials, we have had some great asparagus and blueberries on specials lately.

I now choose all my fish myself, I look and ask questions of the fishmonger and select the items I want and if you need to ask the fishmonger for preparation and cooking tips, they are very helpful.

I found that when starting on this lifestyle of eating it was very helpful to start shopping for a recipe, it meant that I knew what items to shop for and what I was finally going to eat as a meal.

Friends often ask how difficult are the low-carb recipes,and I say they are as hard as the effort you put in to them. As an example breakfast can be omelette (my favourite) with bacon and mushrooms or it could be lo-carb waffles (I love these) or it could be berries and cheese, it could also be the ratatouille left over from last night.

You see we are now breaking the mould here, why not have berries and cheese (a small amount) for breakfast. Berries are a super food although like everything you have to have moderation, take avocado a super super food with so many good benefits but again only in moderation. You could have slices of last nights beef or chicken, you see I am saying that you can step out from the "norm" and eat how you feel like eating and not put food types into set times of the day.

I am not forgetting desert here either we have had some great low-carb courgette cake that tastes awesome and as good as some of the best carrot cake I have eaten. And I cannot forget the chocolate mousse which is the best. Oh and did I mention the chocolate mousse ?

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Email to Ian Lumsden
Below is an email I sent to Ian thanking him for his inspirational website. If I could shake his hand and share a glass of red wine I would, Thank you Ian.
The reply I had from Ian continues to provide encouragement and support and it continues to drive me on to greater things. You may not know it Ian but you have changed peoples lives.
I wish you every success in the future and will continue to support you and your website.

Hi Ian, I am emailing you to thank you for your website. I started reading it about 9 weeks ago and was truly inspired by what you were saying. My wife and I was so impressed with the eating lifestyle that you suggested that we followed it fully and I can honestly say with remarkable results.
As a brief overview I have lost 25Lbs in 9 weeks and my wife has lost 17Lbs we have been totally amazed by our progress and we are continuing to reduce our weight on a daily /weekly basis. I have to admit that we have totally embraced your ideas with great success.
My main reason for emailing you is that I have started my own blog following my success with losing weight and also other successes including aspartame and salt. I have made reference to your website and your ideas and I am hoping that you will take a look at it.
I have to say that I have only given praise and support for your website We are both of the opinion that your website has had a major impact on our lives and now we have added exercise we are building momentum and charging forward.
I have a target weight of 14st which is 3st lighter than when I started, I had a horrendous BMI of 39.5 and my doctor was having real concerns. I now really believe that I can now make this happen and my weight is currently 14st 13Lbs with a BMI of 30.9 so its all going the right way.
We are cooking all sorts of food and its brought out our cooking ability to the front, I have to say that our low-carb aubergine cake is awesome and yes I can now cook and I adore red wine.
Ian I thank you for your website and the inspiration that it has given us. I to am a ex soldier, serving in the UK Army (Royal Signals) and instead of dreaming of my past fitness I feel that I am getting closer to a point of challenging myself again and stepping up to the plate .
In October this year we have signed up for a running event in the UK called the mud runners 10K this will be a real challenge but we are training hard for it.
Just thought I would let you know how important your website is to us and we look forward to following you into the future. Kind thanks

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Making it happen

We are going to do this but we need no distractions or temptations, we go through the cupboards and fridge and get rid of everything that does not fit in with this low-carb lifestyle.We bought Ian's starter guide and shopped to that for the first week or two.
The results were almost instant. Greatly reduced salt, no aspartame no processed or packaged food and incredible results in a short time.It is great to be cooking with and eating real butter, omg I forgot how good it tastes and I am now a huge fan of avocado after eating my first one in 44 years.

We are cooking again, real food with real ingredients and enjoying every minute of it.We cook extra to have in our lunch boxes every day and none of it is difficult

We included exercise slowly at first but now after 9 weeks we are running 10 miles a week and home workouts as well. We started running with an Ipod app Couch to 5K and it has been great.
The important bit is that my weight is down from 17st to 14st 12lbs and my BMI is from 39.5 to 30.9 and all this has happened over 9 weeks. it is amazing, one of the best perks is that I can still drink red wine. This is a win win situation.

We have a number of Low-carb cooking books that we use and we will give details of soon and a great cook book by Julia Child which is inspirational. These books include great things like waffles and chocolate mousse and a great simple omelette.

Remember we are only 9 weeks into this eating lifestyle imagine what we can achieve in 9 months ?

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I read a Blog

I like Stumbleupon, its a tool bar where you click a button and get a random website. I love it. You can adjust what websites you want and best of all its fun and free.
One evening I was stumbling around the internet and I came across a website and what caught my attention was the line "I realized that one of the reasons that I am fat is because I can't cook" it was the opening line on Ian Lumsdens blog and I started to read on.
Now, I don't know Ian personally he lives in Australia and I live in the UK but when I read Ian's blog it was like reading a mirror image of me. Ian was hitting all the right points, my fears and concerns my problems and despair at being overweight and my starting to suffer from health problems. I was stunned at what Ian was saying. It was reading this that showed me there was actually light at the end of the tunnel, At only 44 years old it finally sounded like I could make a realistic start to losing weight.

Now I had been here before, a eating plan that suggested that I could lose weight and promised everything, weight watchers/slimming world plus others. The odd thing was that this lifestyle that Ian was suggesting was nothing more than eating real fresh food.
Now thinking about eating real fresh food seems like a easy thing to do, wrong! What it meant to us was a complete eating lifestyle change. Throw away everything that we thought we knew (and did not work) and embrace what Ian was saying 100%. Now why would I follow this bloke who I know nothing about, because it sounded right it sounded like common sense.

Think about what Ian says about shopping in the supermarket " only shop at both ends of the supermarket" if you think about it, that makes perfect sense. In the UK supermarkets, the fruit and veg is normally at the front and the fish and meat is at the rear everything in the middle is processed or packaged food. Now I know that you need coffee and tea etc but not foods.
The eating life style that Ian suggests is based on low-carb eating, something that I knew nothing about.

So here I am, I like what I have read. I am prepared to give it a try and I have committed myself mentally to making this work. Ok that is the easy part done so lets give it a go.

Monday, 3 May 2010

So I followed the norm ?

So I took out aspartame from my daily diet,I didn't reduce it but stopped it altogether. It was like cold turkey,I was feeling like I was coming off a major drug and it took a good few weeks of resisting it to finally get it out of my system and more importantly my mind.
That was a good start and things started looking brighter but I still had a problem with high blood pressure, and not forgetting that I had not lost any weight
I started looking at the salt content in foods that I was eating and again this was a revelation.
A lot of the processed and pre-packed food that we eat on a daily basis has huge amounts of salt/sodium in it. In fact ready meals which formed a big part of our work lunch boxes have a appalling amount of salt, sugar and fats, not including the preservatives in each portion.

So after many weeks of checking out information on the internet and other sources, I came to the conclusion that loosing weight,lowering my BMI and reducing was not going to be as easy as I thought.

By now I had realised that calorie control was no good for me, forget weight watchers and slimming world they just did not fit my life style. So what do I do next.
I was at a stage where things were going quite well despite not loosing weight. My depression was seriously reducing and I was getting confident that a solution to my excess weight was just out there somewhere but I had not found it yet.

So things were better, I had greatly reduced salt/sodium and I was completely off aspartame. I had realised that various fads and diets were not for me so it was only a matter of time before I found the solution.